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Naples, Italy: A Trip Planning Guide

The historic port city of Naples bursts with a whirlwind of thrills for all of your senses. The tastes and smells of the food, the views of the art and architecture, and the sounds of mini operettas on the street corners, all of these and more will make a trip to Naples one of the most memorable trips of your life. If you plan your trip right, you can gain a full appreciation for the city and all that it has to offer without spending a small fortune.

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When to Go?

The first thing you should consider when planning a trip to Naples is when to go. Hotels in Naples are more expensive during peak months, so avoid going in the popular months of May and September. As far as the weather, even during the cold season (late November to late March), the average daily high temperatures is just below 61°F, so you can enjoy Naples anytime of the year.

What to Do?

A visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples is a must to truly get a feel for the cultural history of the area. The tickets are reasonably priced considering the number of Greco-Roman artifacts you will get to see. The museum is also home to several excavated items from Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Check out famous churches in the area for free. They are known for their history, their architecture and the artwork they contain. Nearby churches include Il Duomo (The Cathedral), Gesù Nuovo Church, and Church of San Francesco di Paola. 

Explore a castle. Castel dell’Ovo (the “Egg Castle”) houses the free Ethno-Prehistory Museum, so you can get an idea of what the castle’s interior is like without paying. In the museum, you can see cultural artifacts from numerous prehistoric phases. For a small fee, you can walk through the castle and view special exhibits.

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Where to Stay?

There are many Naples hotels that have special pricing options. It is a good idea to check the websites of the hotels that interest you on a regular basis to find the rate package that you like best. Here are a couple of options. Hotel Leonessa has discounted prices on romantic weekend packages year-round as well as a 10% discount for reservations that are paid for in advance. The hotel also offers 15% discounts at its restaurant in combination with your stay. Starhotels Terminus has two discounted weekend packages, regular and romantic, and they have a family stay discount program.

What to Eat?

There are two foods that are must eats in Naples because they originated there: pizza and pasta. There is a pizzeria on virtually every corner in Naples, and the price of eating pizza is truly budget friendly. Spaghetti all Puttanesca is a famous pasta dish made with fresh olives, peppers, tomatoes, capers and garlic. It can also be found at many trattorias and osterias for reasonable prices. Pastries and gelato are two more inexpensive but tasty Naples’ foods you really should try.

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What Next?

Once you have experienced Naples, you are going to want to start planning your next trip there immediately.

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