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Cities Less Traveled: Discover a Different Naples

Naples, Italy is famous for many things: from pizza to Pompeii and more. If you are taking a flight to Naples, you might want to check out some of the not-so-famous foods and attractions for an exciting and unique take on the city. A stay in a one-of-a-kind Naples hotel will make your trip even more special.

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Local Foods

Of course you’ll want to eat pizza when you are in Naples, but why not sample other local specialties at one of the excellent restaurants in Naples. Because of its location on the Bay, dishes with fresh seafood are a must try. Spaghetti a vongole (clam spaghetti) and pasta e fagioli con le cozze (pasta with beans and mussels) are excellent, and filling choices for a main course. Then try a delicious pastry for dessert. Babà is a soft pastry made with yeast, saturated in rum, and sometimes filled with cream. Pastiera is a cake made with cooked wheat and ricotta cheese.

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Under the Radar Attractions

You might be surprised to find out that under the city of Naples there are chambers, passageways, and aqueducts that connect the remains of a Greco-Roman theater, parts of churches, and a first-century A.D. Roman market. A tour of the honeycombed underground is like a taking an awe-inspiring and educational step way back in time. Naples has a much more modern underground attraction as well. If you like contemporary art, you will love the city subway system’s collection that features works by some of the top contemporary artists in the world. The “art subway” includes paintings, mosaics, and photographs.

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When you come up from the underground, a stroll on the city’s seafront walkway, called the Lungomare, is a great way to take in some fresh air and the city’s scenic offerings. There are great views of the bay, two of the city’s castles, and Mt. Vesuvius. Because this is such a romantic area, you will notice numerous painted padlocks attached to poles along the Lungomore; these are known as love locks and are placed by couples to symbolize their love for each other. You can bring one of your own to place if you are with your loved one.

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A Unique, Boutique Hotel

Stay at a hotel in Naples that prides itself on giving their guests the chance to taste and enjoy Naples as only locals do; you will be treated like local royalty (the hotel is in a renovated Fifth-Century Palace after all). Hotel Piazza Bellini’s location in the historic district is ideal for exploring the city. This three-star hotel is filled with modern décor and hip, black and white graffiti. The comfortable rooms are filled with funky, fun artwork too, and the views of the city are amazing. The hotel’s restaurant serves traditional Napolitan cuisine and traditional Italian cuisine.

Additional Activities

You will never run out of things to do in Naples. The many restaurants and bistros will keep you fed well, and there are always new and different activities going on in this exciting and bustling city. It is a city worth visiting again and again.

This post was written as part of the #HipmunkCityLove project.

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