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Top 5 Exceptional Hotels in Naples

There are many excellent hotels in Naples to fit the needs of all types of travelers. If you are the type of traveler who appreciates the art and architecture of one of the oldest cities in the world, and you prefer the unique over the average, you won’t be disappointed with a stay at one of these exceptional hotels with noteworthy décor.   
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Hotel Piazza Bellini – Modern and Hip in a Neo-Classical Fifth-Century Palace 

The juxtaposition of modern furnishings and seventeenth-century marble busts at the Hotel Piazza Bellini will blow you away. The hotel, which really was once a palace, contains an aesthetically pleasing blend of history and modernity. In addition to the modern furnishings, there are graffiti-style murals throughout the hotel and the rooms by Neapolitan artist Alessandro Crocchia. Each room actually has its own unique graphics. You can have fun writing on the walls too in the hotel’s restaurant where there is a wall-size blackboard for you to create your own designs.

Hotel Nuvo –Two Different Eras of Décor in One Modern Hotel

As a modern hotel, the Hotel Nuvo stands out for its distinctive non-modern room décor. The lobby and other community areas in this hotel are comfortable and decorated not too differently than many other modern hotels. It is the décor of the rooms that will either draw you in or having you looking elsewhere. In contrast to the lobby, the rooms have an almost Victorian Era feel. They have ornate wallpaper on some (but not all) walls, traditional wood furniture, and large drapes.

Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli - MGallery Collection – Aristocratic Architecture Surrounding a Peaceful Courtyard

Another hotel that combines history with modern comforts is the Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli - MGallery Collection. It was originally the noble Caracciolo family’s private residence, and it was built around a lavish courtyard. You can enjoy a libation in the lush beauty of the architecturally impressive courtyard after a day of touring the city. The rooms are decorated in clean, crisp white colors with accents of either red, gold, or silver depending on the room you select. There are also historical suites that maintain some of the traditional architecture.

UNA Hotel Napoli – Natural Elements and Modern Furnishings in a Restored Nineteenth-Century Building

A combination of traditional décor, with splashes of vibrant red, and modern furnishings sets the UNA Hotel Napoli apart from other hotels. The hotel is in a nineteenth-century building that has been restored to its original beauty with traditional materials and colors. The beautiful rough-hewn stone walls in the hotel and rooms really give everything a comfortable, earthy feel. The walls are complimented by different types of natural flooring throughout the hotel, including marble, slate, and wood floors. You can’t help but feel relaxed in the rooms with their soothing, earth-toned colors and comfortable furnishings.

Hotel San Pietro – Magnificent Mixing of Materials

One last hotel with noteworthy décor is the Hotel San Pietro. It too is in an older building that has been updated with a minimalist look, a mix of modern and traditional furniture, and a mix of impressionist and contemporary artwork. The rooms have clean lines, natural colors, and interesting wall textures. The artwork in the hotel and rooms will make you feel like you are in an art gallery.

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