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Tuscon Travel Tips: Make Your Visit a Terrific One

Cactuses, culture, and cuisine are just a few of the exciting things you will find in Tucson, the 32nd largest city in the U.S. and one of North America’s oldest continually populated areas. The city has something to offer for everyone. If you plan your trip to Tucson in advance, you can make sure your entire family has an experience to remember. You can also save money and find the right Tucson hotel for your needs by planning ahead.

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Believe it or not, Tucson’s landscape presents an opportunity for many exciting activities and adventures. Impressive giant saguaro cactuses dot the flowering desert landscape that also includes mountains, canyons, riverbeds, and rolling hills. Mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding through the picturesque scenery is an adventure you will not soon forget. The landscape and environment attract an array of wildlife and birds to view too. As a matter of fact, Tucson is considered a birder’s paradise with over 250 species of birds. If you are adventuresome, the five mountains are ideal for rock climbing.


The area that is now Tucson has been home to many different people and cultures, dating back to AD 1200, including Hohokam Indians, Spanish missionaries and soldiers, Mexicans, ranchers, and miners. The diverse culture and history of Tuscon provide for a wonderful learning experience at one of Tucson’s many museums or through some amazing tours of historical sites.  Arizona History Museum, Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum, and Amerind Museum are a few museums you should make a point of visiting. It’s also fun to tour a ghost town or a copper mine, and see ancient petroglyphs.

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Who doesn’t love eating out and trying new cuisines while traveling? Tucson’s many restaurants provide ample opportunity for just that. Being the Mexican food capital of the U.S., there’s an abundance of Mexican restaurants from which to choose; however, their food is nothing like chain restaurant food; it is truly authentic. While they do offer tacos and burritos, you can experience savory dishes like toritos and caramelos too. And because the population is so diverse, you will also find restaurants with authentic Vietnamese and Saudi Arabian food too. Of course, there is also American cuisine for steak and burger lovers.

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When you select the right hotel in Tucson, you can get a real feeling for the local culture. The hacienda-style architecture of the Lodge on the Desert, which was built as a private residence in 1930, really sets the mood for your stay. The Southwest décor in the charming rooms and suites add to that feeling. Another historic hotel is the Arizona Inn. It was built by Arizona’s first congresswoman, Isabella Greenway and has been owned and operated by her family since then. The spacious casita-style rooms in the adobe buildings surround you in traditional Southwest comfort.

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Once you have visited this incredible city, odds are that you will want to make it a regular stop during your travels.

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