Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog Awards - A Portuguese Stamp of Approval

Thank you to Inma Domínguez from My English Class for considering my blog to be one of Ten Blogs Worth Visiting and presenting me with this award. I am honored.

Here is a list of ten blogs I consider visit-worthy.

10 Blogs Worth Visiting

*I could not find a direct translation for the phrase on the award but a loose translation from Portuguese is, "it is worth the wait to keep track of this blog." Thank you again Inma.


keys said...

Hi there! Thought I'd chime in -- a translation of the award is "It's worth it to keep your eye on this blog!"

...And I agree! :)

Laura Payne said...

Thank you jkp3, for your translation and your compliment.

Stan said...

The French phrase valoir la peine means "to be worthwhile", or more literally "to be worth the effort" (though peine carries various other meanings, such as sadness, grief, and difficulty). Based on the likelihood of general equivalence, "visit-worthy" seems a neat summary of the Portuguese sense.

Whatever its precise meaning, I'm honoured to be included in such a fine list. Thank you Laura.

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