Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alliterative Rooster

My teenage boys have a new favorite condiment - Sriracha Chili Sauce.

I was unsure about the standard pronunciation, so I looked it up and came across a New York Times article titled "A Chili Sauce to Crow About ".

The pronunciation, according to the article is: SIR-rotch-ah.

But that is not the only reason I mention Sriracha.

My favorite part of the article is the author's alliterative description of the origin of the sauce -

"... an American sauce, a polyglot purée with roots in different places and peoples."

"Polyglot purée", as a description of the sauce, is based upon the incorrect perception that the sauce is Vietnamese or Thai in origin.

Speaking, writing, written in, or composed of several languages.
1. A person having a speaking, reading, or writing knowledge of several languages.
2. A book, especially a Bible, containing several versions of the same text in different languages.
3. A mixture or confusion of languages.

Definition from
Photo from NYT article.

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