Monday, April 21, 2008

Word Order and Aging

In response to this recent comment from Ross :

"I think this whole linguistics area so interesting. What comes to mind is word order and how that is set up in the brain. As I get older and with medication, the word order of my sentences comes out weird sometime: never in a serious environment; more, when I am at home."

The word order problem can also be referred to as syntax error.

The study of cognitive aging and language involves the input-side (language comprehension) and the ouput-side (language production). Research and studies have shown that the effects of aging on language production are far more drastic than the effects on language comprehension. In other words; while a person still understands much of what he or she hears, it is often hard for that person to think of the words they want to speak. Tip of the tongue experiences are a good example of this phenomenon. Cognitive aging and language is a hot topic and there is still much to be learned in the field.

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