Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mah Na Mah Na Muppets

I will admit that the commercial I just posted is one of my favorites because I am from the Sesame Street generation. I remember Mah Na Mah Na as the Muppets performed it on Sesame Street and I always loved that version. When the Dr. Pepper commercial first aired, it was an immediate favorite for me because of its connection to Sesame Street. An interesting and little known fact about the song is that it was part of the soundtrack for a 1968 Italian soft core pornography film called "Sweden: Heaven and Hell." Hard to believe that the writers and producers of Sesame Street would want to have any link to the world of pornography. Like the woman in the Dr. Pepper commercial, they must have just heard mah na mah na coming out of the mouth of the person who told them where the song was discovered.

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