Friday, August 8, 2008

Michigan Unique Words and Phrases

Words and phrases unique to Michigan residents from MICHIGANNATIVE.COM

"Beeyemites": refers to residents of the city of Birmingham which is abbreviated "B'ham."

"Big BEEverr": pronouncing this major thoroughfare through the city of Troy almost always draws snickers from out-of-towners. It was originally named in the 1800's after a nearby beaver pond, long since paved over. Sadly enough, the fact that it is Exit 69 on I-75, and the old location for the Playboy Club, perpetuates its urban legend factor.

"The Bridge": Everywhere except for the towns of Port Huron or Detroit, "The Bridge" refers to The "Mackinaw" Bridge.

"Bulletproof Snow": A common occurrence at Michigan ski resorts, the continuous melting and refreezing of snow on the runs results in "bulletproof snow."

"A Cole One": a beer. Or several.

"Doorwall:" Sliding glass door.

"Euchre": a card game which is popular in Michigan and seemingly, no where else.

"Geez-o-pete!": Related: "Geez-Louise!" A Michigan expletive for polite company, having something to do with Jesus and St. Peter.

"Glovebox": US equivalent: glove compartment.

"A Good One": a good day. Proper Michigan etiquette is to say "have a good one!" to the checkout clerk when leaving the store.

"Hourlies": hourly factory workers, usually automotive.

"How'zit goin'?" In other parts of the world, the equivalent of "what's up?" or "how are you?"

"The Joe": Our energy-saving name for Detroit's Joe Louis Arena (thanks to DJ Clutch)

"Michigan Left": A right turn onto a boulevard followed by an immediate u-turn at the next available crossover. This keeps traffic from backing up at intersections with boulevards.

"Parking Deck": Alternate form: "parking ramp". Known elsewhere as a parking garage.

"The Plant": any factory (again, usually automotive).

"The Ren Cen": Detroit's Renaissance Center, which 1) hasn't ever been called by its full name, ever, and 2) didn't spark the "renaissance" that Detroiters had hoped for, and 3) wouldn't fit in as a place to hold a Renaissance Festival.

"SecretariahState": US equivalent: Department of Motor Vehicles.

"The Soo": Refers to the small Upper Peninsula town Sault Sainte Marie that weathermen across the nation love to refer to. Pronounced "soo saint marie".

"The Thumb": the thumb-shaped area of the Lower Peninsula "mitten".

"Up North": common for anywhere in the state north of the middle of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

"The Windsor Ballet": Term used by Detroiters to say they're going to Canadian strip clubs in nearby Windsor. "Where ya'ff to, honey?" "Oh, the boss wants us to take a client out to the ballet. In, uhh, Windsor."

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