Monday, May 19, 2008

Recent Jeopardy Categories

I try to make a point of watching Jeopardy whenever I can because I believe it is one of the highest quality and most educational game shows on television. I especially love to see how much fun the writers have naming the categories. They truly know how to be creative with language.

Because of my love of linguistics, a couple of my favorite categories recently were You're Such an Idiom and Slanguage. Of course, this got me to thinking of other potential linguistic category titles. Here are some that I have come up with: Clitical Mass, Nice Dipthong, Free the Morphemes, A Nominal Cost, Foxymorons, Hang up the Phoneme, Tag (Question) You're It.


Anonymous said...

Okay Laura, you know I can't resist these play on words. Here is my attempt.

Father’s and Puns
You otta be in Juvie
Within Beer Shot
Who’s your caddy
Hot Cross Puns's been along day!

dorsey said...

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roland said...

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