Monday, June 30, 2008

Michigan Slang for Intra-state Tourists

For those Michiganders preparing to travel in Michigan during this holiday week, following are some terms with which you should familiarize yourself in case you have not heard them previously:

Yooper: A person who lives in the U.P. or Upper Peninsula.
Troll: A person who lives in lower Michigan or below the Mackinac Bridge.
Fudgies: People who live anywhere in Michigan other than Mackinaw Island and travel to the island to buy fudge.
313ers: An obsolete term for people who live in lower Michigan and travel north of the 45th parallel.
Down-staters: The term that has replaced 313ers now that there are so many more area codes in lower Michigan.
Trooper: A Troll that has relocated to the U.P. (from troll+yooper).
Trunk Slammers: Visitors to the U.P. from the Lower Peninsula.

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