Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Create a Portmanteau Word Contest

Contest Time Again
Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Most Unusual Word Contest this past spring. There were many great entries and some outstandingly unusual winning words. The contest was so enjoyable that I thought it would be fun to have another contest. What kind of contest? Well, the recent posts about creative portmanteau words got me to thinking, "Why not create some more?" To refresh your memory - Portmanteau words are those that are formed by combining the sounds and meanings of two different words.

Please follow the directions below and enter to win "A Walk in the Words" T-Shirts and other prizes.

To enter: Please submit a portmanteau word of your own creation that is precise and economical (ex. from last week's post - afterthoughtful) by clicking on the comment button below.

Please include your name, city where you are located, and an email address.

You may enter as many portmanteau words as you can create.

Like the Most Unusual Word Contest from the spring, the winners will be selected by a panel of judges including me and devoted Walk in the Words readers Lori and Tanya.

The contest deadline is Sunday, 10/12/08

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