Monday, September 8, 2008

A Word a Day Keeps the Chawbacons Away

I was given a word-of-the-day calendar last Christmas and I dutifully (and happily) tear off the previous days' word each morning in hopes of learning a new word. There are a lot of fun words out there that I have not heard of before. For example, there was a word a couple of weeks ago that I really enjoyed and as it so happened I was able to use that word in a sentence the following day (which is seldom the case as the words are rarely common, everyday words). At any rate, here is what happened...

My husband and I were driving down a country road in northern Michigan when we saw a man sitting on his front porch drinking a beer. This man was wearing jeans but he was shirtless and proudly displaying his beer belly. I commented to my husband that the man on the porch was a "real chawbacon." My husband responded that he was so happy that I got to use one of my words-of-the-day. Little did I know, my husband looks at the calendar too. Good for him, everyone can benefit from learning a new word each day.

By the way, chawbacon is defined as a hillbilly, hick or yokel.

Please note: I realize that these terms are considered derogatory and my intent is not to offend, but rather to define in a lighthearted manner.

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