Thursday, October 9, 2008

Skiers' Slang Served on a Lunch Tray

With skiing just around the corner - as my boys keep reminding me when asking for new equipment - I felt inspired to look into skiing terminology. In an earlier post I mentioned the term yard sale, which is skiers' slang for when a skier loses articles of gear and clothing while tumbling downhill. While delving further into the world of skiers' slang (after all, I need to keep up with the lingo and be a hip mom), I came across a website written by one Mogul Mick that is devoted to understanding skiers' slang. After reviewing the sizable list of these slang terms, I was surprised to see that many of them involve food items, as follows:

Death cookie: Firm or frozen clumps of snow, usually the result of incompetent snow-making.
Chicken heads: What you get when spring slush freezes.
Chocolate chips: A cluster of rocks poking out of the snow.
Chowder: Chopped-up powder.
Corn: A type of spring snow that forms into small, light pellets.
Crust: Frozen surface covering loose snow.
Hoho: A handstand on the apex of a halfpipe
Lunch tray: a Snowboard.
Noodle: A ski that lacks torsional rigidity, making it unstable at speed.
Poaching: Skiing out of bounds.

Seeing all of these food-related terms got me to wondering if this is what causes skiers to have toilet turns.

Toilet turns: Sloppy turns made in the pooping position.

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