Thursday, November 13, 2008

Musical Metathesis

With the holidays approaching soon, I am reminded of how happy I am that my children are finished with elementary school. It is not that I want to see them grow up any more quickly, but because there are no more mandatory school musicals. I firmly believe that school musicals should be optional after the 3rd grade - they are no longer enjoyable for anyone after that. The majority of children I know from my boys' former 600 student school (even those that like singing) can't stand participating in school musicals. And God knows the parents don't enjoy the obligation of attending the musicals - cramped seating, horrible viewing, sweltering auditoriums, malfunctioning and screechy audio systems, music teachers that drag out the program...need I say more. One of my sons came up with an incredible metathesization to describe school musicals that I truly wish I could mention to his former music teacher.


Mucus is an unpleasant product and anyone who has it wants to be rid of it and will even take drugs to speed up the process. Maybe that is what I should have done...taken drugs to speed up the musical (I mean mucusal) production.

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