Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thoughts on Text Message Communication

In response to the comment sent in by reader Emily Ryall regarding text message communication:

Pragmatically, text messages are not incomplete conversations. Emily's suggestion that there is "a tacit acknowledgement that the sender doesn't really expect a response (to every message)" is right on. Text messaging should be thought of as its own context and different contexts have different norms. The norms of text messaging are not the same as those of face-to-face conversations. Additionally, as long as the expectations of both speaker and listener (in this case sender and receiver) are met, the communication should be considered a pragmatic success.


gaf85 said...

I am a new visitor to your blog. I enjoyed your humor. Interesting comments about texting. I wrote a post regarding something similar:
(archives 10-17-08), Texting in Haiku
Maybe if you have time you might take a look. I'll definitely be back to visit.

gaf85 said...

Oops I meant to leave the rest of my blog address:

Bhing said...

There is really a very deep explanation about a communication through text messages most especially with the incomplete conversation and/or incomplete spelling.. But the end part of it would be, as long as the sender and the receiver understand each other as far as communication is concern, then there would be no problem with that..

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