Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Day???

A "COLD DAY" in Oakland County, Michigan...give me a break. Stop the sissification of our children. We went to school when it was ten below with a wind chill of -50. I think it is all because of our lawsuit-happy generation. Any comments?


Monica said...

I work in a high school office and you'd be astounded how much even the parents call about school cancellations. We've explained repeatedly that school is NEVER cancelled even when the buses are; we have too many walkers that can make it to school no problem (my kids included).
One this past week, called on Monday to ask if school would be cancelled on Friday?!?!?! As if the weather forecast on Monday had anything to do with the actual weather that would occur on Friday!

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Carlos said...

And walked miles through two feet of snow to school. ;-) My mom used to say that a lot, but she grew up in Grand Rapids. Somehow that didn't work on us kids, growing up in Southern California and Arizona.

Stephen Ratkovich said...

I remember having a few Cold Days when I was in middle and high school.
I don't think my parents cared either way since they knew I was a good student.
Now that I go to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, I miss those Cold Days.
I had to go to class when it was -15F and that was just an awful day for everyone.

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