Monday, January 26, 2009

Peevologists Unite

Surprisingly, I had not previously encountered the word peevologist until I noticed it on Mr. Verb. I say this is a surprise because I am obviously a peevologist myself.

I have since seen the term used on numerous other grammar-related sites - I guess I am behind the times.

Peevology is defined as: The collecting and public airing of language peeves.

I have many language peeves and a large part of this blog is the airing and sharing these peeves.

Peevologists unite - This is a call for all readers to share and air their language peeves. Please click on the comment button below and let them rip.


The Punctuator said...

A lot of people in my company (so presumably a lot of people everywhere, I hope) say "outlining" when they mean "outlying". It drives me nuts.

Monica said...

Okay, my biggest peeve with regards to language (especially that in the public) is when a store uses alternate letters, and physically alters them, on those outdoor lettered signs. Even something as simple as an upside-down W or M. THEY ARE DIFFERENT LETTERS!!! And a C with a line drawn in the middle IS NOT AN "E"!!! Buy another set of letters and do it right! It is a glaring indication of laziness and I refuse to frequent the shops of lazy people...

P.S. word verifcation "imponala"

Cassandra said...

One of my profs has a tendency to add 'ization' to the end of any word so that it'll suit her intention. Super annoying. And she's an English prof, so I guess that's even worse. Drives me insane.

Carlos said...

- People who don't know how to conjugate verbs.
- People who say, "supposebly."
- People who don't punctuate.
- People who use "impact" as a verb.

The list goes on, but I need to get ready for work :-)

Laura said...

Golly, I have too many to name. My biggest complaint is with professional writers and editors who are too lazy, ignorant, or indifferent to write correctly spelled, properly punctuated, and grammatically correct sentences. And the Web brings out the worst of them.

I've found some of the worst offenses committed on Yahoo ("the most trafficked site on the Web") and expose them every day on

kiffiekat said...

My #1 pet peeve is people who use text shorthand everywhere. I do homework help at a certain site and I refuse to waste any time trying to decipher wut da ppl r axin.

My #2 pet peeve is misusing/omitting punctuation, especially hyphens and apostrophes. I think apostrophes are, ironically, the most abused and simultaneously ignored aspect of English. It's not possible to go without them..... Join us in the fight to re-populate our schools and newspapers with these defenseless, endangered punctuation marks!
Call !_*))_$&@^^@&

So I'm right with you, Laura -- I have sent emails pointing out grammar mistakes to a number of people masquerading as editors. I tell them that those "little" mistakes can erode the credibility of a formerly well-respected organization.

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