Thursday, February 19, 2009

If Kitty Pidgin then Kitty Creole

Speaking of Pidgins, and I don't mean the birds called pigeons, what is a pidgin and why would one of the names of the lolcat dialect be kitty pidgin?

A pidgin is defined by Merriam-Webster OnLine as, "a simplified speech used for communication between people with different languages."

More precisely explained, a pidgin is a language that develops when groups of people who do not share a common language have to communicate on a regular basis for the purpose of trade. A pidgin is not a native language to either group but is a new second language used between these groups.

Well clearly the so-called "lolcat dialect" is a very simple form of language and obviously humans do not share a common language with cats, I guess this is why some person thought to give it the name kitty pidgin. Let's just hope it does not turn into a kitty creole.

A creole is defined by Merriam-Webster OnLine as, "a language that has evolved from a pidgin but serves as the native language of a speech community."

Pidgins become creoles when those who speak the pidgin teach the language to their children as a first language. Some pidgins never make it to the status of creoles because they die out before being passed on.

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The Punctuator said...

Kitty creole sounds delicious!

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