Monday, February 2, 2009

Political Portmanteaus - Is Sarah Palin a Barracuda?

I just saw this bumper sticker on the back of a car last week (amazingly I never saw it during the campaign). It struck me as a very interesting political portmanteau.
Of course, I immediately thought of the old Heart song "Barracuda."

You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick
Ooooooh, Sarah-cuda?

No wonder the Republicans lost the addition to the fish sense of the definition of barracuda, a barracuda is also defined by Merriam-Webster Online as: "one that uses aggressive, selfish, and sometimes unethical methods to obtain a goal especially in business."


Carlos said...

I'd never seen that bumper sticker either. I think the definition is appropriate.

Medio Azadi said...

According to what I know of Sara-Puda (sorry, Sara Palin), the Merriam-Webster would fit her only in the 'selfish' part, and 'unethical' might not fit her if it is equaled with 'cunning' in the sense of '1. Marked by or given to artful subtlety and deceptiveness.' as defined by .

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