Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Linguistic Aspects of NCIS - Part II

I just caught last week's episode of NCIS and I still can't stop laughing about Agent DiNozzo's comment to a witness that he was driving to the office. He was talking to the witness (who happened to be a call girl) about the new director of the NCIS and he was so distracted by her attractiveness and demeanor that he re-emphasized his wording by stating, "I said 'new director' not 'nude erector'."

DiNozzo then said something about the two phrases being homonyms...well, kind of...but to be more technical they are actually oronyms (a string of words that sounds the same as another string of words but they are spelled differently and composed of different words with different meanings). Either way, the writers of NCIS sure do know how to have fun with language.

*more on NCIS linguistics and oronyms.

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Nick Tighe said...

That episode was hilarious!

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