Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Does McDonald's Need a Lesson in Semantics?

When passing this billboard on the expressway, the first thing that enters my mind is the term "trophy wife". I have to believe that a comparison of "trophy burger" to "trophy wife" is what the ad agency was aiming for when they created this ad for McDonald's. However, I am not so sure that the intended comparison is the best choice semantically for this advertising slogan.

While it is true that some people believe a trophy wife is a good thing, the term is also considered to be quite negative by others.

"To some, the term “trophy wife” connotes an enviable achievement, while to others it's an idiomatic synonym for 'idiot.'" -

"Trophy wife: Stupid bimbo, who sits at home all day giving out to the pool boy, while reading Hello! and OK magazine, because her own life is so pathetic." - Urban Dictionary

I don't think I would risk the chance of having people associate my burger with the negative aspects of a trophy wife.


Lorelei said...

As they say, bad publicity is still publicity.

The pale observer said...

Good point - not the best comparison!!!

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, one rarely expects one´s hamburger to have a high IQ.

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