Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Celebrity Anagrams

Celebrity anagrams can be even more entertaining than the actual celebrities are. Here are some good ones from an e-mail I received recently.

John Mayer - Enjoy Harm
Sandra Bullock - Skull and Cobra
Arnold Schwarzenegger - He's Grown Large 'n' Crazed
Beyonce Knowles - Woken Obscenely
Justin Timberlake - I'm a Jerk, But Listen
James Cameron - Major Menaces
Robin Williams - I Warm Billions
Mel Gibson - Big Melons
Clint Eastwood - Old West Action
Jerry Seinfeld - Friendly Jeers
Conan O'Brien - Inane Bronco
Howard Stern - Wonder Trash
Woody Allen - A Lewd Loony
Jennifer Aniston - Fine in Torn Jeans
Sylvester Stallone - Slovenly Steel Star
George Clooney - Cool Energy, Ego
David Letterman - Nerd Amid Late TV
Leonard Nimoy - I'm Only a Drone

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