Monday, May 24, 2010

Are You Envoweled?

According to the website is this your name?, I am extremely well envoweled (at least my name is, anyhow).

50% of the letters that make up my name are vowels and of one million first and last names reviewed by the site, only 2.2% have a higher vowel make-up.

I am thrilled that I can do my share to support the use of vowels, after all, without vowels (vowel sounds, that is) there would be no syllables and thus no rhymes; language would lose its poetic nature.

*The vowel sound is the nucleus of the rhyme and the only mandatory element of a syllable.

* A vowel letter does not always equal a vowel sound (ex. the word "tote" is written with two vowels but when transcribed phonetically, /tot/, it only has one vowel sound).

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