Monday, July 12, 2010

An Introduction to Basic Phrase Structure Trees

Noun Phrase

A noun phrase must include a noun (determiner, adjective and prepositional phrase are optional). Alternatively, a noun phrase can be a pronoun that represents a noun.

Verb Phrase

A verb phrase must include a verb (auxiliary, noun phrase or adjective, prepositional phrase and dependant clause are optional).

Prepositional Phrase

A prepositional phrase must include a preposition and a noun phrase.

Dependent Clause

A dependent clause must include a subordinating conjunction and a sentence.

det = determiner
adj = adjective
N = noun
Pro = pronoun
aux = auxiliary verb
V = verb
P = preposition
PP = prepositional phrase
SC = subordinating conjunction
S = sentence

Please note: Because adverbs can modify several different elements in a sentence, they will be covered in a separate post in the future.

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