Monday, December 20, 2010

Unusual Words Defined: A - Z (Part P)

A continuation of the series.



noun;1. An ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys of the western U.S.

P.S. With time on my hands, I decided to look up the word in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary (partly because of LLL's post). While the OED did not have a definition for pogonip, here is one of their suggested words and its definition, which I find strangely relevant:

pogonic, adj. 1858
Of or relating to a beard.

Like an ice fog that can form in the valley (bottom) of a mountain, a beard can form on the bottom of a chin.

And that beard can form ice...

1 comment:

JCR said...

Thanks for clearing that up.

For years I thought "Pogonip" was an intoxicating herb especially appealing to 'possums living in Florida's Okefenokee Swamp.

Likewise, I thought "Pogonic" was anything relating to a certain Okefenokee-dwelling 'possum.

Merry Christmas, and deck us all with Boston Charlie!

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