Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alphabet Soup: Comparing Alphabets

Not all alphabets contain 26 letters. Here are several comparisons that have like and/or similar characters to the English alphabet(shown above).

The Swedish Alphabet - 28

The Russian Alphabet - 33

The Welsh Alphabet - 28

The Polish Alphabet - 35

The Spanish Alphabet - 30*

*A recent post on Arnold Zwicky's Blog does not list the RR as a letter and states that a recent reform has eliminated the CH and LL as separate letters of the Spanish alphabet.

For image credits click on individual alphabets.


Daniela said...

An example of the traditional Italian alphabet, 21 letters only:
(nowadays Italian kids learn the same alphabet as American kids, but most people over 35 like me wouldn't really know the proper order of J, K, W, X and Y - I had to check it just now!!).

Laura Payne said...

Daniela - Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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