Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jeopardy Answers (Questions)

Here are the answers (questions) and episode credits from this week's Jeopardy challange:

Monday -
#3168, aired 1998-05-13
FRENCH GRAMMAR $200: "Tu" is the singular & familiar form of "you"; this is the plural & polite form.
What is Vous?

Tuesday -
#2893, aired 1997-03-12
LINGUISTICS $400: These systems of communication that use the hands can be as rich & complex as spoken tongues.
What is sign language/signing?

Wednesday -
#2921, aired 1997-04-21
HOMONYMS $600: It can be your best buddy, or the chopped bait used to attract fish.
What is chum?

Thursday -
#6083, aired 2011-02-09
NONCE WORDS $800: Akin to a dumpster diver, a freegan is an anticonsumerist who eats only this.
What is thrown out?

Friday -
#5676, aired 2009-04-20
FOREIGN LANGUAGE $1000: "Once a jolly swagman camped by" this, Australian for a stagnant pool or backwater.
What is a billabong?

Saturday -
#1247, aired 1990-01-23
LANGUAGES: What the Dalmatian, Gothic & Babylonian languages have in common.
What are dead languages?

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