Friday, April 22, 2011

Two X and a X

A great example of naming a business with the help of a snowclone. Not only do we have "Two Men and a Truck" to help us move, we now have...

"Two Women and a Hoe" to help us garden.*

*Thankfully, the small print explained the purpose of the business because the name alone led me to believe that these people shouldn't be advertising in upstanding neighborhoods.


The Ridger, FCD said...

"Two Women and a Rake" - no, that sounds like porn.

"Two Women and a Trowel"?

Car Title Loans said...

It's actually a genius way to get attention, you have to admit. They say that "sex sells," and what better way than to infuse it into your business name as a nice pun? I would hire them based on the humor of it!

Jan @TWOwomenANDaHOE said...

We're thrilled you like our name!

May all your gardens grow,

Laura Payne said...

Jan -
How about a free garden update in return for the free advertising? Just kidding.

Your website is very nice; I especially like your definition of "hoe" and the t-shirt.

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