Monday, April 11, 2011

Word Up Weekly - Skirl

Having never previously heard this word, when it showed up on my word-a-day calendar, I had a feeling that it would be onomatopoeic.
skirl (sk├╗rl)
v. skirled, skirl·ing, skirls

To produce a high, shrill, wailing tone. Used of bagpipes.
To play (a piece) on bagpipes.

1. The shrill sound made by the chanter pipe of bagpipes.

2. A shrill wailing sound.

[Middle English skrillen, skirlen, probably of Scandinavian origin.]

Definition from The Free Dictionary.


melissa said...

Yes! I'm a huge fan of the onomatopoeia. Lovin' the poster.

4ndyman said...

The sound of a bagpipe curls my toes and makes me want to scream. So skirl sounds about right.

Online Furniture Stores said...

Oh, I have heard that word before but it was some kid trying to say school. Guess that's a little bit different.

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