Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Linguistics Definitions Beginning with the Letter "C"

C = Egyptian Hieroglyph
Hieroglyph = Throwing Stick

calque A word or expression which has been formed by translation of a corresponding word or expression in another language. E.g. French gratte-ciel 'sky scraper' (lit. 'scratch-sky') is a calque on English skyscraper. Also called a loan translation.

closed class A class of words or morphemes whose membership is fixed and can be listed. E.g. there is a closed class of determiners (the, this, etc.). Opp. open class.

'cranberry morpheme' One like cran- in cranberry, which is found in one combination only.

Definitions from: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics, Second edition, 2007
Image credits: Panel of Thoughts

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