Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Linguistics Definitions Beginning with the Letter "E"

E = Protosinaitic Script
Script = Jubilation

enantiosemy A case of polysemy in which one sense is in some respect the opposite of another. E.g. that of dust in I dusted the mantelpiece, meaning that something is removed, vs. I dusted the cake with sugar, meaning that something is added.

ethnolect Variety of a language spoken by a so-called 'ethnic group'.

eventive Referring to an event as opposed to a state: e.g. fell is eventive in I fell over. Opp. stative.

Definitions from: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics, Second edition, 2007
Image credits: Panel of Thoughts

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Anonymous said...

Is that really how E came about? That's so cool!

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