Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Printed Texts or Digital Media

The Age of Books

Crated, carted, cast aside,
printed works have liquefied
in shocking bouts of bookicide.

The printing press is done, perhaps,
and publishers have (boom!) collapsed
to clicky gadgets, gizmos, apps.

Digital books are all the rage,
touchless paper, turnless page.

Stores are only cyber spaces,
cold, electric, faceless places.

Bookshops closed, bookshelves cleared,
paperbacks have disappeared.

The age of print has culminated,
finished, finis, terminated.

- Susan M. Ebbers

This was posted on Vocabulogic, a wonderful blog that focuses on words and language education from a linguistic perspective.


Susan M. Ebbers said...

Glad you enjoyed the poem, Laura. The times, they are a changin!

ps. in my poem above, some of the line breaks disappeared, lost in cyberspace I guess. This happens frequently (very!) when I read books that were formatted for print and transformed for my e-reader. Sometimes, especially with short bits of dialogue, two paragraphs merge into one. LOL -- how apropos!

Laura Payne said...

Susan - Thank you for bringing the line breaks, or lack thereof, to my attention. I think I have remedied that cyber situation. It was quite apropos though.

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