Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Linguistics Definitions Beginning with the Letter "G"

G = Gimel
Gimel = Proto-Sinaitic Glyph
Glyph = Staff Sling

glossolalia 'Speaking in tongues': i.e. uttering sounds under condition of religious ecstasy that are believed, wrongly, to be in unknown languages.

gnomic Used in timeless statements.E.g. the present tense (eat) is gnomic, or has a gnomic use, in Cows eat grass. Cf. generic.

grammatology The study of the nature, history, etc. of writing systems.

graphology A study of the written forms of language modelled on phonology as the study of their sound systems.

Definitions from: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics, Second edition, 2007
Image credits: Panel of Thoughts

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