Thursday, February 16, 2012

He'd've Preferred a Quadruple Contraction

But 'twou'dn't've been easily comprehensible.

The link to the Wiktionary page about English double contractions has been making the blog rounds in the last month or so and I am embarrassed to admit that my unfamiliarity with a few of them let me to click on the explanatory links.

I guess I haven't spent a ha'p'orth amount of time on nautical endeavors. The bo's'n better send me back to the fo'c'sle.

At any rate, the list got me to wondering about the exponential potential of contractions. There is a Wiktionary page with English triple contractions but that is as far as the Wik goes (and it only includes two examples: 'twou'dn't and fo'c's'le).

I welcome comments that include a minimum of quad-contractions.

The Ch'l'ng's'n'w (okay, that's a stretch; they should be somewhat figure-out-able).

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