Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Internet Dictionaries

The Collins Dictionary editorial team recently introduced a new resource for language enthusiasts and I believe it is a worthy addition to the existing collection of internet dictionaries and thesauruses. It is collinsdictionary.com. The site includes English, French, German and Spanish dictionaries, an English thesaurus, and a language translator.

In addition to word definitions, the well-organized dictionary pages include audio pronunciations, synonyms, usage examples, translations with audio pronunciations, related terms, nearby words, related images from Flickr, and usage trend graphs.

Here is one of the related images for the word internet:

I find the translations with audio pronunciations and the usage trend graphs especially interesting.


Anonymous said...

Good resource to know! Jen

Protrans, Inc said...

Very interesting! And I like the graphics

Carbone Traduzioni said...

Very useful and innovative!

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