Friday, March 2, 2012

The Linguist List's "Lingquest"

It is time for the annual Linguist List Fund Drive and this year it is accompanied by the exciting Lingquest Saga. Anyone who makes a donation to Linguist List is able to help determine the course of the adventure.

Linguist List is an outstanding resource for linguistics students, linguistics educators, and anyone who is interested in linguistics (I will admit that I am a bit partial as I worked for the excellent online community while I was earning my MA in linguistics).

I urge all of my readers to check out the Lingquest Saga and the Linguist List homepage and consider making a contribution. There are some pretty awesome rewards for donations of $35 or more; though, any amount is appreciated and donating is a reward in and of itself.


A note to anti-AdSense bloggers: I just donated my most recent $100 AdSense earnings to Linguist List.

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