Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playing With Polysemy

Polysemy differs from homonymy because polysemes are etymologically related words. Homonyms are words that have unrelated meanings.

The very talented Christian Yoder has had a lot of fun playing with polysemy.

ORDER IN THE COURT - When you are ready, here are some examples from his tumblr blog:


Polyseme “Order”

A Soldier
orders in
orders out
orders with
orders without
orders for
orders from
and through
when ordering
from a composite order
of all orders.

A judge abided by
his order stating that
with order and
for order are
under order
within order and
amid order
according to order.

The orderly sergeant
calls to order
the order of battle
or the order of arms.

The ordained order
take holy orders
in the order of worship
which is orderly ordered.
from the ordered mass.

The order losers
buy order ware
from the order board
or order bill.

The ordered class
keep order
in ordering orders
by the order paper.

Order numbers 2 -3 Copyright © 9/10/1983 by Christian M. Yoder
Order numbers 4 -7 Copyright © 7/22/1983 by Christian M. Yoder

Just out of curiosity, did anyone else notice that ORDER #1 is missing and that the copyright dates are not in order? I wonder if his blog is out of order.

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