Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perfect Timing

Having been away from the internet much of the summer, I found it a wonderful coincidence that, upon checking in with some of my favorite blogs, Stan Carey's recent Link Love post on Sentence first included a link to an interview with David Crystal. The timing of my internet access and his posting were perfect as I just finished reading David Crystal's Just a Phrase I'm Going Through: My Life in Language.

Crystal is a fascinating speaker and writer who succeeds in making linguistics accessible to all (not to mention the fact that he doesn't disappoint in the humor area while still being very informative).

Neal Whitman's post David Crystal's Just a Phrase I'm Going Through on his blog Literal-minded does such a good job of summarizing the book and providing examples of anecdotes found in the book that I will just sign off now. 

I am heading back to internet no man's land. Until I return again, please check out all of the above links.

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SophieChurcher said...

I'm also a Crystal fan. Brilliant speaker, as you mentioned. Might give this book a go!

Follow my blog, I also post about language :-)


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