Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Footnote is an Israeli film that was nominated for a 2012 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. I was finally able to watch it yesterday and even though I had a feeling ahead of time that I would enjoy it, I was surprised about how much I enjoyed it and for what reasons.

Here is the Netflix summary of the film:

Long-buried tensions erupt in this witty drama, which follows the strained relationship between a reserved Talmudic scholar and his ambitious son -- both professors at the same university -- when the father wins a prestigious award the son covets.

I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone so I won't go into many details other than to say that authorship analysis and word frequency analysis play more of a role in the plot than I would have initially expected.

As I am currently studying investigatory and evidential linguistics for a forensic linguistics MS course at Aston University, this film fit right in with my studies in a most entertaining way. Which is not to say that linguistics is the sole focus of the film.

The film is incredibly well done and should appeal to anyone who is interested in academia, family relationship issues, witty humor, and creative cinematography. I could go on and on...but, just watch the movie.

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