Friday, December 12, 2008

Continuing an Education Online

I would love to get a PhD in linguistics or even another MA in a related field; however, time just does not allow for the continuation of my education right now. Because of my time constraints, I have become curious about online degree programs and surprisingly there are some online linguistics programs; however they only offer BA and MA programs. I guess my PhD in linguistics will have to wait, maybe I will start looking at an online MA degree in psychology. At any rate, studying for an online degree (BA or MA) in linguistics is an option that should be considered for those that are interested. It appears that many online degree programs have received decent reviews. Just make sure you do your research and can afford it. Many online degree programs cost more than on site programs, so if you don't want huge student loans, keep this in mind.

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sinjan said...

linguistics is a very interesting study.. I was researching on the names of the characters in asterix comics that day... the names were so cool.. obelix from obese.. geriatrix from geriatric diseases which happens in old age... postaldistix... I want to do some kinda stuff like this.. the study is very interesting.!!!


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