Wednesday, December 3, 2008

O-phoria - A New Word for a New President

The ubiquitous coverage of Barack Obama's election (including insta-books, quickie documentaries, magazine covers and more) has been dubbed O-phoria by The New York Times columnist, David Brooks. To be sure, many people are euphoric; however, when I look at the word in print I automatically think Oprah.

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Emily Ryall said...

Hi Laura,

This comment isn't about anything to do with your last post - but I couldn't find any other way on your blog to ask you a question... so sorry about that!

I was thinking about the conversational analysis of text messages and how they might be something interesting to think about. My experience of text messages is that they are an incomplete conversation, i.e. we feel an obligation to keep the conventions of 'normal' conversation, but are unable to do so. So I'll often just ignore people's questions on text message if I think they're just some kind of phatic communication. Yet, I'd never do this in 'real' life. I don't know whether this is an issue of time or money (if text messages cost 10p) or whether there's a tacit acknowledgement that the sender doesn't really expect a response. Have you thought about this at all? Do you have any comment on it?

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