Thursday, April 16, 2009

Michigan - Yoopers, Slang and Dialects

I have posted many times in the past about Yoopers, Michigan Slang and Michigan Dialects so I thought I would share this map that appeared in a recent Detroit Free Press.

Fudgies are people who live anywhere in Michigan other than Mackinac Island and travel to the island to buy fudge.

Yoopers are people who live in the U.P. or Upper Peninsula.

Trolls are people who live in the lower peninsula or "under the bridge," also known as flatlanders.

Citiots are people who live in large cities in the southern part of Michigan.

Wood ticks are people who chop down trees in state forests (some with permission, some without).

Popple is Michigan's name for aspen trees.

The Windsor Ballet is a euphemism for the strip clubs across the Detroit River in Windsor.

CoPa is an abbreviated name for Comerica Park (it is not a cabana).

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