Monday, July 27, 2009

Portmanteau Fruits

Having discussed portmanteau words last month in relation to a type of furniture, I thought I would mention some interesting hybrid fruit names I have seen that are portmanteau words.

According to Wikipedia, Zaiger's Genetics (a fruit breeding company from Modesto, California) holds the following trademarks:

Aprium — a patented hybrid of 2/3 apricot and 1/3 plum
Nectaplum — a hybrid of nectarine and plum
Nectarcot — a hybrid of nectarine and apricot
Peacotum — a hybrid of peach, apricot and plum
Pluot — a patented hybrid of 2/3 plum and 1/3 apricot

And there is also the plumcot, similar to a pluot, which was credited to and named by Luther Burbank.
And, of course, there is now the Grapple, which is not actually a hybrid fruit but an apple infused with grape flavor.

By the way, even with the diacritic over the letter "a" and the "Say 'Grape - L'" in the tag line, I still find myself using the "apple" pronunciation and thinking that I would not want anyone grappling with my apple.

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