Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Portmanteau Furniture a.k.a. Frankenfurniture (Frankenstein + Furniture)

A good friend recently brought an unusual portmanteau word to my attention -

There is a store in Gaylord, Michigan called The Old Spud Warehouse that sells, what they claim to have named, "Frankenfurniture."

The following photos and wording are shown as they appear on The Old Spud Warehouse website:

"It Lives!!!!
FRANKENFURNITURE (noun): a spudword refering to discarded vintage pieces brought to life by combining parts to make useable furniture...
oh so spudly!!!"

Aside from the fact that referring is spelled with two "r"'s and the preferred spelling of usable does not include an "e", what I found interesting is that this website was created in 2007 and since 2005 there has been a definition on the Urban Dictionary website which defines frankenfurniture as, "crappy/cheap furniture you have to put together yourself. Usually made of particle board, wood by-products, etc. and has obscenely difficult instructions for something that should be relatively simple. I got the cutest new desk from IKEA but when I got it home it was total frankenfurniture!"

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