Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a Hoomba

A dear friend of mine, who has provided much fodder for this blog (thank you, love), has inspired me with yet another word from her clanolect - 'hoomba'.

I googled the word and came up with only one definition (not hers) from Urban Dictionary which follows -

Hoomba: A "nothing" word used to replace a noun when the appropriate noun cannot be thought of in the amount necessary for conversation.
1) "Hey, grab me that...hoomba"
2) "I was struck on the back of the head with a...hoomba."

I far prefer the definition provided by my friend's clanolect (of which I have become a part, thank you) -

Hoomba: A bonfire poker

1 comment:

The pale observer said...

In Ghana EVERYTHING (that you can't think of the name of at that time) is called a 'Dis Ting'...

Pass me my dis ting. See the dis ting over there?

She was wearing a dis ting! (With hand gestures to indicate what it was...)

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