Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Word Play - License Plate Phonetics

Here is an example of a vanity plate that combines letters in an unusual way to convey a message phonetically.

What do you think this license plate says?

Please click on the comment button to submit your answer.

Hint: What is the plural of "Z"?


k-bro said...

Lyme disease. Which is hardly something I'd want to spend good money to put on a vanity plate, but whatever ticks your tock. ;-)

Laura Payne said...

I agree k-bro - unless, of course, the driver of the car is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of Lyme Disease and he/she is hoping to increase his/her patient base by advertising on a license plate.

4ndyman said...

Lie Me Dizzy?

It looks like it has to be Lyme Disease. Maybe it's an inside joke? Maybe the car is owned by a John Tick? Or Billy Bullseye? Or Michael Encephalomyelitis?

Or maybe it belongs to Willy Burgdorfer, the scientist who discovered the cause of the disease.

Which makes me wonder: When a scientist finally discovers a cure or vaccine for AIDS, will he get a vanity plate that says GOTAIDS?

[The plural of Z (or according to computer word games, "Zee") is "Zees".]

светлана said...

lie (to) me desease

Carol Covin said...

Lyme Disease. Very clever.

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