Wednesday, June 16, 2010

License Plate Semiotic Interjections

This is most likely not a customized/vanity plate as it follows the alphanumeric format of standard plates of this design in Michigan.

I spotted the plate while driving on I-75 last week and I would not have given it a second look if it wasn't for the fact that it was on a car of the same model as the one pictured below.


What a semiotically perfect plate for a Volkswagen Beetle; I wonder if the owner of the car has noticed.

*I was unable to take a photo of the actual plate and car while I was driving. The plate is a re-creation and the photo is a stock photo.


Joanne said...

Oh, that's perfect!

A friend of mine from college once had a license plate with ICK as the letters. (There were numbers, too, but nothing icky about them.) We called the car Ick for a long time!

JCR said...


I was unable to get a snap of an Ohio plate I saw today:


Laura Payne said...

Joanne - I love it.

JCR - Took me a few to figure that the first "G" is pronounced as the name of the letter.

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