Friday, February 25, 2011

Olay's Lame Word Choice

You may have seen this ad for Olay Body Collection products in a recent weekly magazine. I was immediately struck by the odd choice of words in the copy of the advertisement.

Here is a closer view of the specific words to which I am referring.

I sure hope I feel lavishing if I am going to spend half the price of a body and bath shop on my cleansing products. I imagine a body and bath shop, even at half price, is not inexpensive.

Okay, so the fine print did specify *suggested retail price per oz vs. leading specialty store. The print was so small that it was almost a moot point to me.


Peter G. Howland said...

Hi Laura...
Just found your blog site this morning and since it's getting ready to snow here in Prescott, Arizona (and I ain't goin' out there!) I thought I'd take a minute to comment on a previous post "Books That Lay Eggs".
Toward the end you say " still doesn't *jive* semantically."
JIVE = insincere exaggerated meaningless talk; early jazz.
JIBE = comport with; in accord; in agreement; fit.
I know...fussy, fussy, fussy. But I have to keep up my Grumpy Old Man image!
I'm enjoying your posts, however I would like to see more examples of your "technical" terms used for us non-professional linguists.
Thanks, Pete

Laura Payne said...

Peter - Thank you for your fussiness. My use of "jive" for "jibe" is a dialectical variation used in the area where I was raised. Your definitions are correct. I guess I was reminiscing about my youth the day I wrote that post. Thank you also for your compliment and I will see what I can do about "technical" terms in the future.

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