Monday, April 4, 2011

Word Up Weekly - Youthquake


n: a shift in cultural norms influenced by the values, tastes, and mores of young people.

Etymology: youth + earthquake. First known use: 1966.

All readers are invited to submit words - any type of words. Words that are fun to say, words that are out of the ordinary, words that are ordinary but have weird name it, they are all welcome. Please submit via the comments button.

Definition from Merriam-Webster.

P.S. I usually prefer to use for definitions because they do not inundate you with pop-ups; however, I really enjoyed seeing the suggested rhymes that Merriam-Webster offered with the definition of youthquake...

air brake, backache, beefcake, cube steak, handshake, heartbreak, mandrake, partake, uptake and windbreak to name several.


Marc L said...

Hi Laura:

I came up with a neologism - "anachronym," that describes words like "dashboard" (originally a board at the front of a carriage to protect passengers from debris thrown up by horses' hooves - now used for a panel on the interior of a car).

Laura Payne said...

Marc L - I love it. I will share it with readers in the future and give you credit.

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